What is CBD?

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The hemp plant, domesticated 6000 years ago in China, produces more  than 400 organic compounds. The two main groups of molecules with  bioactive properties found in hemp are terpenes and cannabinoids - CBD  being a molecule of the latter.

Cannabinoids are compounds that can influence functioning of the  human nervous system. 

The hemp plant biosynthesizes more than 60 of  them. The major cannabinoids are THC, CBD, CBG and they differ in their  chemical structure and action.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the most abundant cannabinoids found  in hemp. CBD is thought to have many therapeutic applications and helps  to unwind. While beneficial for wellbeing, CBD doesn’t have the  psychoactive properties of its more famous cousin THC, and should not be  confused for THC.

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World Health Organisation - Report on CBD - Nov. 2017

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