Natural Hemp Tea (60g loose)

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Natural Hemp Tea – All the goodness of Hemp in a tea  – Felina 32


Natural Hemp Tea (60g loose)

All the goodness of Hemp in a tea.  Our Natural Hemp Tea destress with this enjoyable and relaxing cuppa

  • Natural, Organically grown Hemp
  • Hemp from the Felina 32 strain
  • 60g loose tea in a tin
  • CBD found naturally in hemp


Boil water to 80-90 °C –  Take a teaspoon (approx 2 grams) of our Hemp tea and place it into either tea infuser or tea bag.

Leave to infuser in the cup for 7-10 mins.

Sit back, put your feet up and relax.  appreciate this enjoyable cup of Hemp Tea


60g Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp)
100% Organically Cultivated
GMO-Free – 60g (Nett)

<0.00% THC


Prefer ready-made tea bags this is also available in x Tea bags


These products are a food supplement and not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. If pregnant, breastfeeding or under medical supervision always consult with your healthcare provider before use. Supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet. Keep out of reach of children.