Hemp and Japanese Cherry Sencha Green Tea (8x Tea bags)

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Hemp and Japanese Cherry Sencha Green Tea


This deliciously rich-tasting Hemp and Japanese cherry green tea with added freeze-dried sour cherry pieces that provides a truly tasty cherry flavoured green tea.

Enjoy this tea either hot or cold on a summer day.

Sencha, in particular, is known for its high vitamin C content, as compared to other tea varieties. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants. Hemp also naturally produces CBD.


  • Sencha Green Tea.
  • Japanese Cherry.
  • Hemp Tea.
  • 8x Tea bags.
  • Environmentally friendly tea bags and packaging 100% biodegradable.



Boil water to 75-80°C – put the Hemp & Japanese Cherry green tea bag in a cup and brew for 2-3 minutes, leave the bag in the cup for that stronger the brew.

Enjoy a delicious cup of Hemp and Japanese Green Tea!

100% Biodegradable tea bags and packaging making buying this product Environmentally friendly, chlorine-free bleached without glue.



1g Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp)
1g Aromatic Japanese Sencha Green tea leaves with real Japanese cherries.
100% Organically Cultivated.

Each Tea Bag contains 2g (Nett)

Prefer loose tea? We also have this same delicious tea available in a tin 60g loose 

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