Lab tested CBD

When you purchase CBD Oil, CBD products and Hemp derived products from CBD-ME, you will find your CBD product has been third party laboratory tested. With every order we receive we enclose the laboratory certificate of analysis (COA) of the batch you have ordered, giving you the consumer 100% satisfaction and peace of mind, knowing exactly what CBD content, you’re getting in your CBD products purchased through CBD ME. whilst being confident the THC content is below the UK requirement.

Lab tested CBD? But why is it important?

Each CBD-ME Product comes with a third-party lab test certification as clarification.  It’s important to understand the potency of the product, its Cannabinoid profile,  and any contaminants such as heavy metals.

The Amounts of THC are equally important. Each CBD Oil or Hemp derived product must contain less than 0.2% THC.

CBD Revolution

Laboratory Certificates of Analysis


We individually batch test all our products before putting them on sale. This means you as the consumer know exactly what you are buying, each and every time you buy our CBD products. Our testing is carried out by independent 3rd party laboratories, if your CBD suppliers cannot offer you this on their products….. you need to ask yourself if you trust the products they supply you?

Lab Tested CBD – Certificates of Analysis