Hemp and Calming Chamomile Tea bags

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Hemp and Calming Chamomile Tea x 10 Biodegradable tea bags


This herbal blend, of organic Hemp and chamomile flowers is a perfect combination to help you relax and unwind at any time of the day.

But especially good as a tea before bed due to the calm and relax feeling this Chamomile blend. Hemp naturally produces CBD


  • Chamomile Blossoms.
  • Hemp Tea.
  • Essential Herbs.
  • 10 Tea bags per box.
  • Environmentally friendly tea bags and packaging 100% biodegradable.
  • Naturally caffeine free.


Our tea bags and packaging are 100% biodegradable, making buying this product Environmentally friendly, chlorine-free bleached without glue.



Boil water to 100°C – Put the Hemp & Calming Chamomile Tea bag in a cup and brew for 2-3 minutes.

Leave the bag in the cup of hot water for that stronger cup of tea.

Sit back and enjoy this soothing and comforting, delightful cup of Hemp and Calming Chamomile Tea!


1g Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp)

1g Chamomile blossoms.

100% Organically Cultivated.


<0.00% THC

Each tea bag contains 2g (Nett)


Prefer loose tea? We also have this same delicious tea available in a 60g tin of loose tea 

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