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CBD ME can offer various options such as. CBD wholesale, branded, bulk CBD or white-label CBD & Hemp products with bespoke packages to suit your individual requirements.

As a well-established manufacturer of the highest grade CBD and Hemp products on the market, we understand every stage of the process from seed variety right through to the end product.

Additionally, CBD-ME pride ourselves on being able to offer expert knowledge and competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

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Whether you’re just starting on your CBD journey, small retail or a national chain, CBD ME can supply a full range of premium quality CBD and Hemp products.

CBD-ME products are laboratory tested by third-party labs.  also the used Hemp is organically, cultivated, and pesticide free.


Green tractor drilling hemp seed for cbd wholesale

hemp seed drilling May 2019







Other Wholesale services offered:

  • Research and Development.
  • Consultancy Services.
  • Low minimum order quantities.
  • Cultivation, Licence Applications.
  • Legal Compliance Assessments.
  • Design

We offer a professional and reliable service, If you have questions about CBD-ME products or want to get started selling CBD of your own, Please get in touch.

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Industrial Hemp UK

Hemp cultivated in the UK


Hemp cultivated in the UK from seed to finished product – seed drilling May 2019

CBD Wholesale, Consultancy Services and White label CBD ME

Expert knowledge - CBD and Hemp Consultancy bespoke CBD Wholesale packages

Service Type: CBD Wholesale, Bulk and White Label, Consultancy, CBD Research and development.

Price: 10.00-10,000.00

Currency: GBP