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Specialist in the UK CBD Industry.

Here’s how we discovered CBD

We first discovered CBD Oil in 2015, when we were on a snowboarding trip in Tignes, French Alps after chatting with a fellow snowboarder, who told us of his experience using CBD and how much it helped him. Jamie had rugby injuries from his youth as a professional rugby player, as well as recent snowboarding injuries.

We made our first purchase of CBD oil

As soon as we returned home to the UK, we purchased our first bottle of CBD Oil. It was at that point that we realized just how incredible this product actually was. Though we loved the results, we didn’t like the awful, bitter taste that seemed to last hours. This led us to research CBD and the other beneficial Cannabinoids CBG, and CBDa in greater depth, the science behind CBD, what conditions CBD helped with, and how CBD works, in addition to the nutritional benefits of hemp, as well as the environmental benefits as well.

Very few CBD Companies

When we launched CBD ME Ltd in October 2017, there were very few CBD companies in the UK. Although our first bottle of CBD oil tasted better than the first bottle we purchased, it wasn’t perfect.

In order to produce the best-tasting, highest-quality CBD Oil on the market, we refined the product to ensure it was one of the best-tasting oils on the market with amazing results. 


In early 2022, inspired by our personal experiences of using Mushroom supplements to recover from long COVID and improve our sleep, we enthusiastically set out to launch our mushroom supplement company, MUSHROOM-ME.
Having experienced the incredible benefits of mushrooms ourselves, we are passionate about sharing them with others. You can purchase MUSHROOM-ME Mushroom Supplements Here or on the MUSHROOM-ME website 

Nikki and Jamie Snowboarding in Tignes CBD ME

Nikki and Jamie CBD ME

Why Choose CBD-ME.... High Quality CBD Trusted Brand Great Tasting CBD Lab Tested Compliant

Our Passion

We’re passionate about CBD and Hemp, whether it’s the products we manufacture and supply or educating others on ” The Amazing Environmental Benefits of Hemp.” Hemp is an undoubtedly incredible plant. In fact, our years of experience and knowledge make us specialists in CBD and hemp. We are passionate about educating as many people as possible.

Key Adviser

CBD ME’s director and CEO of Unyte Hemp Jamie is one of the leading figures in the cannabis industry, cultivating 1,000,000 m2 of Cannabis Sativa L plants under a license from the Home Office, just outside Market Harborough for the largest ever hemp research project in 2019.

In addition to giving presentations at conferences, expos, and universities, Jamie is also one of the key advisers for the cannabis industry.

Our goal

is to provide our customers with access to the highest quality organic CBD and hemp products, as well as the finest-tasting CBD oils.

Our primary mission is to help people to discover the power of CBD and its benefits, through carefully selected and effective cannabidiol products that fit easily into the hectic lives of our customers.