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CBD and Hemp –  Our Passion

About us

CBD ME - Our CBD Journey, Hemp, and the Future

CBD-ME Ltd – UK based premium CBD supplier since 2017

About CBD-ME and how our CBD journey began… In early 2016 after purchasing a bottle of CBD Oil for ourselves. We witnessed just how amazing this plant really was; we started researching different Cannabinoids, CBD, industrial Hemp and the Cannabis industry in more detail, from the CBD products available online on our store today to the amazing environmental benefits of Hemp and not forgetting more recently cultivating UK Hemp.

In 2017, CBD-ME Ltd was born. There were very few CBD companies trading in the Cannabis industry back then. We then joined up to the Cannabis Trade Association UK (CTA) to ensure it kept us up to date on new rules and regulations concerning the CBD industry abiding by the rules and doing everything correctly.

So this is how our CBD Journey, Hemp, and the Future began.

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Our Focus

Delivering a professional, helpful service, along with supplying the finest CBD Oil available in the United Kingdom. While keeping our outstanding customer service record.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Hemp products from CBD ME are legal in the UK, of the highest grade, and rigorously tested by third-party laboratories to make sure 100% customer satisfaction.


about CBD ME our passion for cannabinoids

Our Passion

We passionate about all things CBD and Hemp, whether it’s the CBD and Hemp products we manufacture and supply or, The Amazing Environmental Benefits of Hemp.

Hemp is undoubtedly an incredible plant, In fact we want to educate as many people as we can about Industrial Hemp and its fantastic benefits.

Our years of knowledge and expertise make us specialists in CBD and the Hemp industry.


Hemp harvest Oct 2019

Our Knowledge and Expertise

Cultivating 1 Million m² of Cannabis Sativa L. Plants under license from the Home Office, just outside Market Harborough in 2019.

Collecting data from the five different varieties to enable environmentally friendly products to be developed, such as biodegradable plastic and plant-based proteins.

Hemp is the future.

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CBD-ME and Sustainability

CBD-ME take Sustainability and our environmental impact very seriously. We have sourced biodegradable plastic and packaging, which is re-useable where possible. Always from UK manufactures to prevent Carbon miles.
We have also minimised excess packaging from our products such as external boxes, which usually go straight in the bin. Every little helps!

CBD-ME and Lab Tested CBD

“The quality of our products is of great importance to us. CBD-ME Ltd manufacture premium CBD products, rigorously sampled and third-party independently laboratory tested. Reassuring our customers of the quality of our CBD Oils, and peace of mind,”

CBD-ME Customer Care & Delivery

“Our customers are number one priority for us, which is why our fully trained knowledgeable staff are always happy to answer your questions and queries relating to CBD, Hemp, and our products. We also want you to receive your order and start taking CBD as soon as possible, which is why we aim to get your order out ASAP”

CBD-ME Education & Change

CBD-ME understands the CBD industry is relatively new to most people. The terminology, how it works and the science behind CBD can become quite confusing when you are looking at purchasing your first product. Not all CBD products are the same! With years of experience, we want our customers to make informed choices when purchasing our products. Get in touch with us if you have any questions we are always happy to help.

Our Values