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WHY CHOOSE CBD-ME? Premium CBD Suppliers, wholesalers and Stockists of the finest CBD Oil UK

Cannabidiol Oil – CBD Oil for short has become increasingly popular. CBD is one of the more well-known compounds found in the Cannabis and Hemp plant.

Whether you are a regular CBD oil user or just thinking about starting your CBD journey, CBD-ME Ltd is a reputable CBD company that offers safe CBD products, lab-tested with full traceability, and UK legal.

‘Three years ago, there was no one or very few people searching CBD online, but now there are an estimated 6.4 million unique searches each month.’

Just a small selection of our CBD Products & Hemps foods

We all know the benefits of taking CBD as a daily health supplement But are you aware of the benefits of adding Hemp foods to your daily diet? Hemp foods are packed with essential nutrients, amino acid, vitamins and minerals. Check out our range of Organic Hemp Superfoods today!!!

‘The number of people using CBD Oil, also known as Cannabidiol, in the UK alone is estimated to stand at around  300,000′

Specialists in CBD UK

We pride ourselves on developing the finest CBD Oil in the UK

CBD Oil, with MCT or Hemp Seed Carrier Oil

Because we use Medium-chain triglyceride MCT C8 in our Sunlight and Starlight oils, as a result, this increases the bioavailability of CBD. Hemp Seed Oil has many nutritional benefits, which are high in gamma-linolenic acid. We use Hemp seed oil for our Premium CBD Oils.

hemp farmer inspecting hemp field Market Harborough 

Hemp Farmers

It has taken years to build relationships with our supply chain. Working with the highest quality farmers in the EU, auditing their procedures.

Including fully traceable from seed to sale of our CBD & Hemp products, this is how we can assure, we supply 100% natural products, free from chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals.

Organically grown

Certificate of Analysis with Every Order

With each order of CBD oil, you will receive a detailed certificate of analysis, showing you the full Cannabinoid profile relating to the batch of the CBD product you have purchased. This provides you with an assurance of what is in your bottle of CBD Oil.

Organically Grown Hemp

The hemp used in our products has been organically grown, in an environmentally friendly way. Without using chemicals or pesticides and also tested for solvents. It is free of additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, and only 100% natural.

Range of CBD Oil UK by CBD ME

Natural, Holistic, Organic

Our ethos is to supply the high-grade premium CBD and Hemp products from ethical suppliers. We work in synergy with our supply chain of family-run farms across the UK, Europe, and the US to make sure full compliance and quality controls of our products.

100% Natural, promoting your wellbeing and organically grown.

Need More Facts on CBD…?

Check out our CBD FAQ page

  • What Is CBD
  • The Importance of Lab testing
  • How much can i take

Cannabis Terpenes in CBD

We can find naturally occurring Terpenes derived from the Cannabis plant. We infuse Sunlight and Starlight CBD Oil with additional terpenes also found in the Cannabis plant. In fact, these added terpenes are proven to promote either Energy and alertness or relaxation and Sleep.

Question will cbd get me high

Will CBD Get Me High?

Absolutely Not, CBD will not get you high.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-psychoactive. After using CBD products, you will not experience significant changes in mood, awareness or state of

Mind. THC / CBN are the psychoactive Cannabinoids which in the UK are controlled substances.

How CBD Oil Taste’s

During our product development stages, we valued to our customers’ concerns and needs as a result we developed an exceptional tasty CBD Oil.

Not only is our CBD Oils rich in cannabinoids, of the highest grade and from a reputable supply chain. The taste of our CBD oils is light in taste, and very easy on the taste pallet.

Our Experience

Just a few reasons CBD-ME are specialists in CBD Oil 

CBD bottle branded CBD-ME hemp leaf 'wholesale cbd' 
Wholesale CBD Options Available with CBD-ME

Bespoke packages to suit your individual requirements. Various wholesale options are available either… CBD wholesale, branded, bulk, resell or white-label CBD & Hemp products.

Equally important is our expert knowledge in the CBD industry together with competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Whether you are a small retail or a national chain. Whatever stage you are at CBDME can help you on your journey.

CBD wholesale White label CBD, bulk CBD Orders, or consultancy Contact us without delay! 

CBD Wholesale and other Services available with CBD ME Include:

Along with CBD Wholesale and White label, we can also offer the following…

  • Research and Development.
  • Consultancy Services.
  • Low minimum order quantities.
  • Cultivation, Licence Applications.
  • Legal Compliance Assessments.
Hemp plants growing UK to produce CBD oil
Hemp Farming and the UK’s largest Research Project

It involves CBD-ME’s very own Managing Director Jamie.

The UK’s largest Hemp research project, which has seen over 230million Hemp plants cultivated this summer near Market Harborough.

We can use hemp for many things, it’s great for the environment too. For instance, it’s sustainable, very strong its antimicrobial not to mention the huge environmental benefits too.

Did you know you can even build a house using Hemp!

Hemp – Environmental uses & promotes a more sustainable world.

Just some amazing things we can use hemp for

  • Construction, Hempcrete.
  • Plastic.
  • Textiles, Paper.
  • Fibre, Pet Bedding, Insulation
  • Hemp Foods, Hemp Seed Oil.
  • Wellbeing.
CBD Suppliers UK full members of CTAUK
CBD ME – Members of the Cannabis Trade Association

Compliance is extremely important to CBD-ME. Not only are we one of the UK’s leading CBD suppliers & specialist in the CBD industry, but also full members of the (CTA) Cannabis Trade Association.

CTA, representing over 300 businesses, is the largest Hemp and Cannabis Association in Europe.

The CTA works with the Government and Authorities such as the MHRA, the FSA and the Home office too.

As a result, they regulate and offer practical guidance within the CBD industry.

World Health Organization CANNABIDIOL (CBD)

Summary of report

  • CBD has a good safety profile
  • CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or
    dependence potential.
  • To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health-related problems
    associated with the use of pure CBD
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